Buying a Car When Travelling

Buying a Car When Travelling


Although hitch-hiking and interrailing might seem like a great idea to some, there’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned road trip. More and more intrepid explorers are deciding to stay for longer periods in exotic lands, but one problem you might come across is where to buy your car from when you get there. You might have thought initially that renting would be the most obvious choice, but this can prove to be problematic.

You won’t be able to travel between countries, so you’ll be constantly changing your vehicle, it would be harder to shop around if there’s a change in price, and you could run into issues if the next place you want to rent will only allow you to do so with local addresses, credit cards and so on. If you’re planning on travelling for a long period of time, such as 6 months and over, buying is a great way of providing you with safe, reliable transport, and you can do it in just three steps.

1. What does your car need to have?

If you’re travelling, the two main things you’ll need are plenty of space, and a car that’s built for covering vast distances, such as a diesel engine which is more economical for long-distance drivers. Whatever your essentials are, do thorough research way in advance of your trip, and have your options narrowed down to a few models that are within your price range and budget for running costs. If you’re struggling, traveller websites and blogs will give advice on the best vehicles for the job.

2. Never buy new

This is the most important rule. All cars massively depreciate in value within their first year by as much as 19%. Although you might think you’re playing it safe by buying a new car, when you come to sell it in a year or two’s time when you want to move back, you’ll lose a lot of the money you put into it. The best thing to do is go for an economical model of car that’s a few years old with low mileage. This will hold its value far better, so when you come to sell it, it will be far easier to move on and you’re more likely to get what you paid for it, providing you haven’t had any bumps along the way.

3. Always opt for a reputable seller

If you’re concerned about where to go to buy a second hand car abroad, always opt for a well-known, reliable company who operate overseas. For example, AutoTrader are known for their fantastic service.

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