Does the new UK Driving License affect you?

Does the new UK Driving License affect you?


Recently, a new driver’s licence format was rolled out in the United Kingdom. The Ministry of Transport (MOT) began releasing this design on January 19, 2013. Any driver who received his or her license on or after this day was provided with the new format. Some people are alarmed by the new format, but it is really not a cause for concern in the UK.

Yes, certain individuals do have the new licence because of the date on which it was issued. However, everyone is not required to obtain the new licence at the current time. Ultimately, it will affect everyone. When you go to have your licence renewed, you will receive the new format. Additionally, if you request a new licence before that time period arrives, due to losing it or some other reason; you will also receive the new format.

This format does not include any unusual information. Basic information on the licence includes your first name, surname, birth date and the place where you were born. It will also state the number of the licence and the vehicles you are permitted to operate. Of course, your signature will be found on the back of the document. On the licence, a black and white photo of you will appear, and you will be provided with the counterpart document as well.

The larger changes resulted with a movement simultaneous to the licence format change. On January 19, the UK also changed some other rules. For example, the age limitations have been altered, and some vehicles that were once allowed to be driven by a certain group are not anymore. The exact nature of the rules depends upon when you received your initial licence. When it comes to towing laws, the rules vary based on whether you received your licence before January 1, 1997 or between then and January 19, 2013. Some of the rules do not apply to drivers who have had their licences for some time and will only apply to new people who receive the licence.

Regardless of who you are and what type of vehicle you operate, being up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations is very important. You want to be sure that your licence is still applicable and that your driving privileges are the same as they were in the past.

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