The Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception Test


The Hazard Perception Test was introduced in 2002 as part of the theory test, with the aim of developing the skill of spotting hazards earlier in learner drivers. It was hoped that by training learner drivers to be proactive in road traffic situations that it would lead to a reduction in road traffic accidents.

Hazard Perception Test Scoring Mechanism

The Hazard Perception Test comprises of 14 video clips each lasting approximately 1 minute long. During the video clip a hazard will start to develop and the test candidate scores points based on how soon they react to the hazard developing. The sooner they spot the hazard the more points they score. One clip has two hazards so the test candidate really needs to stay alert throughout the test. Free practice tests are available at Ignition Driving Lesson School if you are learning with one of their instructors.

The hazards being shown in the video clips mimic real life situations and so is good training for when driving on the roads. The award winning Hazard Perception Test could account for an 11% reduction in road traffic accidents, according to the DVSA, meaning hundreds of lives could be saved every year. Any exercise that helps to reduce the number of fatalities on our roads is worthwhile and so it looks as though the Hazard Perception Test is here to stay.

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