Changes to the theory test

Changes to the theory test

Driving Theory Test Changes

Changes to the theory test explained!

In a few weeks time the DSA will launch their new style of theory test, which is causing concern amongst theory test candidates and driving instructors. The current theory test of multiple choice questions and answers has always been accompanied by a wide range of study aids from a number of sources.

Driving Theory Test Changes

The most popular of study aids are books, which list the full database of DSA official theory test questions complete with answers. The problem with these books is that pupils are tempted to learn the questions and answers by rote, without really understanding the context behind the question.

Over the years Ignition Driving School instructors have experienced first-hand pupils who have started learning to drive after having passed their theory test, who don’t seem to understand theory! Kelly Foote, Managing Director of Ignition Driving School, says, ‘some pupils don’t seem to understand the importance of the theory test or the need to understand the rules of the road. They seem to see the theory test simply as a necessity to do in order to get their licence, and this attitude needs to be changed.’

This change to the theory test has caused a bit of a frenzy amongst theory test candidates and driving instructors as they believe that the DSA are withdrawing all study aids from the market place, which is not true. The DSA will of course be publishing materials that support the theory test but it is hoped that theory test candidates will use the material to develop a deeper understanding of road theory and the rules of the road.

Amongst the new materials being printed by the DSA, they have also launched a mobile phone app so that pupils can revise for their theory test anywhere.

Ignition Driving School supports the changes by the DSA and believes that the best source of material to revise from for the theory test is the DSA. They set the theory test and any materials written by the DSA will have the theory test in mind. Publications written by other organisations do not have that advantage.

Ignition Driving School has purchased a licence to publish DSA content on its website. Pupils can practice unlimited theory test papers at

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