Top 5 Places To Visit In Your Car

Top 5 Places To Visit In Your Car


Summer may still be a way off, but this doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your holidays! Going abroad might not be for everyone though, as it can get pretty time-consuming and pricey. That’s why driving holidays are a great idea. You can simply get in your car and go, whether it’s for a 2 week driving trip or a weekend getaway. Check out some of our favourite driving destinations from around the UK.

Cornwall Beaches
Not only is Cornwall a gorgeous place to visit with plenty going on (such as theatres, gardens and museums), but the beaches are fantastic too. If you do happen to stop by any beaches, make sure you take a quick visit to Watergate Bay and Sennen Cove, as they’re two great spots to park up and go for a bit of surfing!

5rexfeatures874921aThe Lake District
Looking for a great drive with fantastic views? The Lake District definitely won’t disappoint. With wonderful driving routes and some of the best scenery and visitor attractions in the country, the District offers great days out for the entire family. Routes are 30-50 miles in length, so they can be driven in just a few hours. With plenty of exciting stops on the way, you and the family won’t get bored!

Glen Coe
Located in the Scottish Highlands, north of Argyll, Glen Coe was recently made famous as one of the main settings for the James Bond ‘Skyfall’ movie. With volcanic origins and breath-taking views, plenty of people now want to drive around where the Bond movie was filmed, to take in some of the extraordinary scenes and landscapes on offer to tourists.

Drive-in Theatre
Finding a drive-in movie or theatre near you is a great opportunity to go for a drive and have some fun one weekend. Drive-in movies work by parking up with other cars in front of a large projection screen. Some of them even serve snacks and have picnic tables or other forms of entertainment. Overall, they’re a great chance to catch the latest film release, cult classic or Shakespeare play.

Want to get out of the country without spending tonnes of cash for a plane ticket? The best way to do this is either by driving to Dover and hopping on a ferry, or by getting aboard the Eurostar. Not only will you get a fun drive down to the coast, but once you’re across the channel, you have the option of driving around some beautiful locations such as Brussels, Lille, Marseille and Paris.

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