Chevrolet Spark LS Review

Chevrolet Spark LS Review


The Chevrolet Spark has become an incredibly popular car in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The funky 5-door comes with decent kit as standard, and its small dimensions make it a fantastic as a city car. Unfortunately you can’t buy a Spark brand new anymore, so you’ll have to go for a second-hand or ex-demo one. The best way to do this would be as a vehicle lease or through pcp car finance.

We’ve broken down the Spark into its best and worst bits, so you can see if the Spark is the right car for you. Don’t worry if it’s not though, as you can always go for its rivals the Fiat Panda or Skoda Citigo.

Chevrolet Spark LS

Most stylish city cars have a very cutesy and retro style, which seems to be the norm nowadays. However, the Spark’s big grille, large badge and oversized headlamps gives it an almost aggressive vibe and confident, sporty stance.

If you’re a regular city commuter and will be sticking to those winding narrow streets, then the Spark will suit you perfectly. It’s a great little town car, and although it may struggle when it reaches those higher speeds, it still handles itself confidently. The great news is that at reasonable speeds, the Spark also deals well with bumpy road surfaces and potholes. Just don’t try to take any large bumps in the road at a high speed, as the suspension might not be able to handle it! It’s worth noting that there’s a bit more body roll than most city cars, but the steering is still quite manageable.

As far as city cars go, the Spark comes with a really decent amount of space inside, so you can comfortably sit adults in the back. However, as is the problem with most city cars, you don’t get an awful lot of space for the boot. It’s only 170 litres, so if you want a bigger boot you’ll have to go another car in the Spark’s class.
As for the interior, it is a bit on the plain side, but it has decent build quality. However it would be much improved in the Spark came with some better technology as standard, as the basic trim levels don’t even include central locking or electric windows.

You’re better off going for one of the higher-spec models of the Spark if you want more equipment, otherwise you’ll have just the basics. And although the boot isn’t huge, and the engines can get a little noisy, the Spark does a fantastic job considering it is just a small city car. The Spark is great value for money, and if you live in the city or are a new driver, then the Spark will suit you perfectly.



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