5 Possible Future Classic Cars You Can Find For Sale Online

5 Possible Future Classic Cars You Can Find For Sale Online

Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Land Cruiser

5 Possible Future Classic Cars You Can Find for Sale Online

Predicting which cars will turn into classics, cars whose value begins to rise over time instead of depreciating, before they become recognised as such can be a great form of long-term investment, and a real money saver for classic car enthusiasts and collectors.

In this article we’re going to list five potential future classics you can easily acquire online;

Audi A4

There are plenty of these out on the road, but the overall build quality will make them appealing to collectors and early configurations are likely to see a rising demand as time goes on. The Quattro configuration is also likely to be worth a lot if well maintained, thanks to its greater versatility.

BMW 1 Series

A compact, nimble vehicle built with the German manufacturer’s signature focus on driving experience, this model’s popularity is only set to grow long term. If the 1 Series M variant is available, this could be an especially good investment, because of its limited run, which quickly sold out. Growing demand means growing prices, so this is a good bet for a future classic.

Nissan X-Trail

Modern examples of the X-Trail are holding onto their value much more reliably than other vehicles in their class, which could be the first signs of the market recognising their classic potential. In the meantime it’s cheap to insure and has a great safety record, meaning it works great as a car for everyday use as well.

Toyota Land Cruiser

One of the most collectable Japanese cars out there, the Land Cruiser is a name with weight and its current generation could well be headed in the same direction. The modern incarnation is one of the more stylish all range vehicles on the market, which should give it the kind of lasting appeal that will make it a collector’s item in years to come. Larger vehicles like this tend to be a little more temperamental, so with careful maintenance, you could well end up with one of the more intact models of a collectable breed that’s usually falling apart—a very valuable prospect.

Toyota Prius Business Edition

This car’s distinctive look, combining smooth edges with harsh points, may be divisive and may look like something out of a modern science fiction film, but you can bet it will have its fans and that means there will be demand in the future. If you can get an older model you can boast of owning one of the earliest hybrid cars, and that’s the kind of rarity you can’t manufacture.

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