Mobile phone apps and driving

Mobile phone apps and driving

Don't drive and use apps!

When it comes to using phones in the car, it’s not just calling and texting at the wheel that put motoring mobile users at risk – new research by ingenie car insurance shows that mobile apps are a significant cause of distraction at the wheel.

Don’t drive and use apps!

Of the 1,000 young drivers surveyed, 58% of 17-25s agreed that sophisticated smartphones, combined with the ever-increasing range of apps on offer, are a growing source of distraction for young motorists.

ingenie looked at some of the most popular app downloads, and found that Angry Birds and Draw Something were being played at the wheel – by up to 1 in 5 of those with those apps on their phones.

Richard King, ingenie founder & CEO added, “At ingenie we’re doing our bit to prevent distraction – we won’t send driver feedback messages to your mobile if we know the ignition is on, and when our contact centre makes outbound calls, the first question they’ll ask is ‘are you driving?'”

Celebs including Gary Lineker and Bruna Senna offered their support to the brand’s drive distraction awareness campaign across social media.

The young driver insurance provider is aiming to attract a community of better drivers by rewarding those who drive well. They’re using black box technology to introduce a “pay how you drive” approach for their 17-25 year old policyholders.