New law: £100 fines for careless driving

New law: £100 fines for careless driving

Driving Offences
Driving Offences

£100 fines for careless driving

As of Friday the 16th of August you could be penalised with an on the spot fine of £100 and possibly 3 points on your license. This will affect motorway drivers hogging the middle and outside lanes and also those who tailgate. The cost of the fine is almost doubled from £60 to £100 which has outraged many drivers across the UK.

A survey carried out by Populas on behalf of the AA found that around 12 million drivers could be at risk with the new legislation. This is down to 29% of drivers surveyed admitting that they hog the middle lane on a regular basis. It is important to note that under the Highway Code the middle and outside lanes are to be used for overtaking only.

Until now police would have to pursue the offender via the courts but the new legislation grants police the power to issue on the spot fines. Many people believe that the new legislation would be very difficult to evoke on busy motorways when all lanes need to be used. Some people therefore believe that it is just a money making scheme for the government. If you are caught with any kind of reckless driving you may be invited to take a speed awareness course rather than points on your license. This is not free however; you would have to fork out around £100 for the pleasure.

The new legislation is not strictly for lane hogging & tail gating it also covers a range of offenses that the police deem to be careless. Below is a summary of just some of the offenses you may be penalised for.

Endorsable: includes points and fixed penalty fines rising from £60 to £100.

  • Speeding or using a mobile phone while driving
  • Motorway offenses such as driving in the hard shoulder
  • Neglect of the roads i.e. going through red lights or not stopping for pedestrian crossings

There are certain situations where the fine may be increased. This would be when the owner of a vehicle fails to identify the driver. This would see the fine increased to £200 with points. Driving without insurance will incur a £300 fine.

Non-endorseable: no points and fixed penalty notices rising from £60 to £100.

  • Not wearing a seat belt
  • Using a vehicle without a test certificate.

Non-endorseable: no points and fixed penalty notices rising from £30 to £50.

  • Failure to give way
  • Failure to display a tax disc
  • Dirty or obstructed windows
  • Using the horn at night
  • Carrying too much weight on board the vehicle.

These are just some of the offences you could possibly be penalised for. It would be recommended to read the latest copy of the Highway Code and visit your local police website for further information.