Top 10 websites for new car deals

Top 10 websites for new car deals

New Car Deals
New Car Deals

We all know that you need to shop around to get the best deal but that’s easier said than done. There are hundreds of dealers, brokers and websites all packed full of information. Which are the most useful resources to help you find the best deal? The links are in no particular order.

What Car

This great website provides a summary of the best deals every week on their What Car Deals of the week page. Of course this is only of use to you if you are ready to buy within days but it is an excellent resource and can throw up some makes and models that you might not otherwise have considered. There is not much information provided on the deals but they do tell you who is offering the deal so you can refer to their website directly.

Auto Express

This website has provided a useful summary of the best deals going for the cars their customer satisfaction survey rated as the best. This is good because you know everything on the list should be a good buy. In addition they provide details of the finance available and finance deals. As most of us need finance to fund a new car purchase this is relevant information. The only downside is that the article was written in July so it might not be entirely up to date.

Mini Finance Offers

The makers of the new Mini provide a range of finance and rental options for their current models. The information is presented very simply with clear APR percentages and monthly repayments for each model.

Car Buyer

This online magazine presents their top weekly and quarterly deals. They cover manufactures dealers and brokers so there should be a deal on a car that fits your criterion. They consider the price, any finance included and also any special upgrades or kit offers.

Kia Group

Kia are very competitive on price however their website also lists a large range of deals on virtually every model. You can choose between different APR percentages, you receive free servicing and the initial deposits are low.


Which review manufacturer, dealer and broker websites twice a week and select the best deals to publish on their page. The don’t provide much information on the deal but if they have highlighted something  it’s worth looking into. They do highlight deals that might be very short term or limited to a certain number of cars so it’s worth checking their page regularly.


The parkers car deals page does not provide any analysis. Parkers allow their advertisers to post their deals to this page so it includes new and used cars. See something you like and you are taken to the advertisers website. If you know what you are looking for this is a good place to go to make sure you can’t buy what you want elsewhere any cheaper.

Money Saving Expert

You won’t find a run down of specific current offers on this website. What you will find is a really helpful article on car financing. It explains the different types of finance and the risks and rewards of each. It’s a good idea to check you understand the terminology and know what you should expect from each type of contract before you speak to a broker or dealer. This will ensure you know what you are getting for your money and can’t be tricked by a slippery salesman!