Who is the man and woman with a van?

Who is the man and woman with a van?


Vans are becoming more and more popular across the UK, with statistics by the government revealing that the number in operation increased by 3.2 per cent between June 2014 and June 2015 alone. This figure makes vans the UK’s fastest growing vehicle type during that period.

Ever wondered just who the typical man and woman who drive vans are though? The UK’s largest used commercial vehicle retailer Van Monster has attempted to find out by putting the question to van drivers themselves.

The results of the light-hearted survey can be found in the infographic below. Split into various age groups and genders, the visual reveals:

  • How satisfied drivers are with their commercial vehicle.
  • Whether they make use of their van other than for work purposes.
  • What they tend to listen to when behind the wheel of their van.
  • The average weekly spend of topping up their commercial vehicle’s fuel tank.
  • Which manufacturer they tend to choose their van from.

Find out all these details plus much more by viewing the graphic in full…

Van Monster - Man with a Van

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