A Guide to Getting from A-B in the UK’s Biggest Cities

A Guide to Getting from A-B in the UK’s Biggest Cities


A Guide to Getting from A-B in the UK’s Biggest Cities.
Planning a UK city break with your family and friends is super exciting. From hitting the streets of London on a shopping trip or sampling the lively nightlife in Manchester or visiting the historic cobbles of York, it’s important to know how you’re going to get around once you arrive there.


By far the best place in the UK for getting around, transport options are endless in London. From hopping on the tube to taking a bus, you can get just about anywhere in London with an Oyster card and a Tube map. Contactless cards also work for getting on the underground and buses, so don’t worry if you don’t have an oyster, London transport is cashless however so don’t expect to be able to get on any public transport without either of the above.

For those who are less able bodied and require a wheelchair accessible taxi, there are plenty available, with data from Cab Direct revealing that there are 353 people to each taxi in London, so the chances of getting one right when you need it are pretty high. If you’re heading for a train or to a show which starts at a certain time booking your taxi in advance is recommended.


Getting around Manchester is also quite straight forward. From the trams that go through the city, to catching a cab and getting the train, transport is easy to locate and reasonably priced. The city is also easy to get around on foot in the shopping areas as they’re quite compact and easy to navigate. The Metro Shuffle Bus service is a free hop on and off shuttle bus that operates within the city centre linking the main train stations, shopping areas and business districts. When catching a taxi there are 138 taxis per person, as Manchester is the second best city in the UK for catching a cab.


As York is one of the UK’s smaller and more compact cities, getting around is pretty easy. Most places are easy to reach on foot, although there is a regular bus service which can take you out of the city to the York Designer Outlet. York isn’t the most accessible city for those who’re in a wheelchair as the cobbles can make getting around a little more difficult but it’s a very beautiful city to visit and shouldn’t be discounted from your list as a result.

With this in mind, you’ll not be struggling to get around on your next UK city break.

UK Cab Availibility
UK Cab Availibility
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