Car Insurance Myths

Car Insurance Myths


Insurance myths: How to cut the cost of your car cover

While drivers hardly jump for joy at the ever-increasing cost of car insurance, there’s no doubt that it’s a vital service. However with hundreds of insurers battling it out to get our custom, comparing different policies before your renewal date really does pay off. But how can your personal circumstances affect your quote?

It’s amazing what car insurers use to judge drivers who are looking to get a good deal on car cover. For example, they know that Pisceans typically have more convictions than Virgos, that bank clerks are some of the safest drivers on the road, and that most divers are unaware that interest gets added to premiums that are paid monthly rather than annually.

Thankfully, that’s where Tempcover’s Top Car Insurance Myths comes in! As you can see below, the latest infographic from the UK’s leading one day car insurance provider aims to dispel some of the biggest rumours, including the safest drivers in the country, smashed windscreens and no claims bonuses, and even how having a garage can increase your quote.

Take a look at Tempcover’s Top Car Insurance Myths below, and get up to speed with some of the industry’s confusing fact and fiction!

Tempcover Car Insurance Myths - Complete

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