Ford in 2015

Ford in 2015

Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger

You will undoubtedly be familiar with the Focus, Mondeo and Escort but do you know a Galaxy from a C-Max and have you heard of a Ranger? Read this article for a rundown of Ford’s current Models.

Ford was established in America in 1903 and is one of the most famous and successful car companies in the world. Its heyday in the UK was the in the 70’s and early 80’s when it produced a series of iconic models; Granada, Cortina, Sierra, Capri, Fiesta and of course the Escort. (Read all about the timeline for Ford on their website.) During the 90’s and early 2000’s the company focused on buying and selling other brands such as Land Rover, Aston Martin and Jaguar and it’s own models seemed to disappear from the radar.

The Mondeo, Focus, and Ka however brought Ford back to everyone’s attention for all the right reasons; practical, affordable and well designed for their target markets. Ford has continued to refine these three modern classics as well as refreshing the wonderful Fiesta. They also currently make the B-Max, EcoSport, C-Max, Kuga, S-Max, Galaxy, Ranger and Tourneo Connect. You might not be as familiar with all these models; who are they designed for and how expensive are they?  So if you are currently looking for a new Ford car then read on as we summarise the models.


This is the true modern mini. The Ka is a three door with quirky looks; it’s extremely compact, economical to run and cheap to buy. Prices start from a tiny £8,445.


Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta

This car was first sold in 1976 but it has been substantially redesigned to make it a superb modern car. It comes in 3 or 5 door options with a dizzying array of technical and aesthetic options. Prices start at £9,600. Even the guys from Top Gear think this model is fantastic…” A cracking supermini, it’s the best car Ford makes. It makes you proud.”


The combination of a pillarless design, sliding rear doors and conventional front doors give the B-Max a huge 1.5m aperture. This makes the car great for loading and unloading objects, kids, prams and those with limited mobility. Prices from £12,000. AutoTrader says “The Ford B-Max is a very clever take on the small MPV. It’s built on the same platform as a Ford Fiesta, but it’s a bit longer, taller and packs a very innovative pair of rear doors that makes entry easier. It’s good to drive, too, but the boot could be bigger.”


This is a car sized SUV with a multi award winning engine. It combines a tall interior, wide boot opening with good ground clearance and stylish looks. Prices from £14,200.


Targeted firmly at families this comes in hatchback, 5 door or estate versions. There are vast number of options for this model and several decent sports versions. Prices from £13,900.


The C-Max
The C-Max

This is another family car. It comfortably seats 5 adults, has a tall cabin with great visibility. Prices from £17,000. WhatCar says “The Ford C-Max is well worth considering if you enjoy driving and need more space than conventional small family cars can offer.”


This a 4×4 which can handle off road terrain but is also a practical road car. Prices from £21,000.


This is a 7 seater MPV but with exception sleek and stylish looks. There are loads of different combinations of seating position and clever use of internal space give an adult in any seat loads of leg room. Prices from £23,300. Top Gear likes this one; “Really like driving? This is as convincing as MPVs get and with virtually no practicality penalty.”


This is a bigger S-max! It has more internal space thanks to a raised roof but it looks like and MPV. Prices from £25,700.


The technology, styling and options of the Mondeo make it a model target at Executives. Prices from £21,000. “The Mondeo estate is endlessly practical but refined, comfortable and agile with it.”..Top Gear.


Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger

This is a proper off-roading pick up. It looks butch without being old fashioned and you can select options to make it suitable for mainly off road use or increase the comfort level for motorway driving. Prices from £15,333.

Torneo Connect

This is targeted at those who need a practical car for business use that can moonlight as their family car at the weekends. A high cabin large boot opening and sliding rear doors make it easy to load and unload. Choose from a 5 or 7 seater version. Prices from £14,500.