Executive Saloon Cars

Executive Saloon Cars

Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo

In this article, we compare three of the most popular executive Saloon cars; the Ford Mondeo,the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C Class.

When discussing executive saloon cars, it is often the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class that are mentioned first. This is for good reason, as both are superb vehicles that are a joy to drive and will turn heads with to their sleek design – they are consequently considered status symbols. However, Ford is attempting to break the hold these two cars have on this market segment with their the new Ford Mondeo. Have they been successful?

Why the Mondeo Should be Considered

In terms of performance, there is very little to split the group. All are good fun to drive and very comfortable, but the Mondeo is a fair amount more practical than its rivals. Another benefit that Ford has over the competition is the fact that the Mondeo is considerably cheaper than the 3 Series and C Class. The Mondeo is listed at £22,490 whilst the 3 Series costs £27,620 and the C Class £28,515.

What’s Holding it Back

The major reason that the Mondeo will struggle against the class leaders is the fact that it does not have the sought after BMW or Mercedes badge. These are both synonymous with class and many motorists will always be drawn to this, even if there is a more practical yet equally impressive vehicle on the market.

Retention Values

It is not just practicality and affordability where the Mondeo stands out from the crowd. It is also set to retain its value better than its upmarket competitors, including the 3 Series, Audi A4 and VW Passat according to price expert CAP Automotive. The C-Class does top the list as it is predicted to retain 45.7% of its value as opposed to Ford’s 42.7%, but the Mondeo is the most affordable vehicle listed, which makes its second place even more impressive.

Finding Affordable Models

Any motorist that wants to enter the executive saloon market, but does not want to pay a huge price tag, should seriously consider this impressive, stylish and reliable vehicle. When you shop at established car supermarket websites, like Motorpoint, you can find used Mondeo’s for affordable prices.

The new Mondeo is a serious competitor to the Mercedes C Class and BMW 3 Series and it even edges these luxury cars in a few departments. It may not have the badge that many people dream of driving, but the Mondeo would be the smarter investment to make for many motorists.

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