Mini Revision?

Mini Revision?

Should the Mini be redesigned?
Should the Mini be redesigned?

Will Mini See a Revision to their Product Offering Including a Complete Redesign in Coming Years?

Since its original release in 2002, the Mini has grown to become one of the most popular and recognisable brands in the automotive industry. Three distinct variations have been released over the years, but to the average person who has never owned one of this iconic cars, they’d be forgiven for thinking there’s been just one model introduced.

This is because, to the average eye, all of the Mini models look the same. Even Mini enthusiasts are starting to get tired of the same iconic shape. So, will the brand ever give this distinctive car a makeover?

Is a Redesign way overdue?

Love them as they do, Mini enthusiasts are starting to grow a little tired of the car’s design. They crave something different, something new. However, as the Mini features a retro design, it’s not going to be easy for the manufacturer to change it. Its unique, stylish shape is what sets the Mini apart, so any changes could have a significant impact on its popularity.

While the exterior has remained the same throughout the life of the Mini, the specs have certainly changed. To keep up with environmental concerns, an electric Mini was launched. However, this could soon be on its way out due to the Brexit vote and the elimination of tariff-free access into the EU.

The Mini Vision Next 100 Concept

In 2016, the Mini Vision Next 100 Concept was unveiled and while it certainly looks futuristic, it still doesn’t stray too far from its distinctive shape. This will no doubt frustrate a lot of owners who desperately await a complete re-design.

However, what the concept car does offer is a fully customised design. This means you’ll be able to select from a range of different colours for the roof and the doors. Its tech is also set to be impressive, with one of the stand-out new features including an “Inspire Me” button. This suggests various activities you might be interested in based upon your preferences.

So, while there doesn’t appear to be any plans to completely redesign the Mini’s appearance, there are exciting tech changes occurring. For now however, the Mini will be sticking with its unique retro design that auto enthusiasts have grown to love. You can find current models at fantastic prices by scouring used cars in the UK.

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