The perks of driveway parking

The perks of driveway parking


Driving gives you the freedom to go on adventures, visit the best locations and make memories. It opens up a whole new world of adventure, and allows you to arrive at work on time without having to spend an indeterminate amount of time on public transport, but wherever you drive to there always seems to be one significant, and often costly disadvantage – parking.

Finding a parking space can be a nightmare

Whether you’re on your way to work in the city, setting off on a day trip or following your football team, parking can be a nightmare. We all know how frustrating it is driving around in circles to find a space only for someone else to steal the one you had your eye on. And if that’s not bad enough, the cost of parking puts another dampener on the day, and that’s if you’ve had the forethought to ensure you have enough change for the machine.

There is another option

But what if you had the option where you didn’t have to leave home far too early so that you have enough time to find a parking space? What if you had a parking place all for yourself, one that you didn’t have to pay a small fortune for and that no one could swoop in and grab? Well, now you can, if you’re savvy enough to hire a driveway.

More and more members of the general public rent out a driveway that they don’t use as a way of making a little extra money, which, if located close to city centres, local attractions, football stadiums and tourist attractions, gives car owners easy access to the perfect parking spot.

The benefits of driveway parking

Driveway parking not only benefits the owner of the driveway but has advantages for the driver too. It takes the hassle out of parking – you’ll be sure to have a space waiting for your car, saving precious time, particularly if you have a schedule you need to stick to.


Renting a driveway is often cheaper than a parking space too, especially if it’s a regular booking and in addition, it’s simple to plan – all you have to do is book in advance online. It’s also flexible – even if you need a one off parking space while you visit an attraction, booking in advance not only guarantees you a space but you’ll have prepaid for your parking so there’s no running back to put more money in the machine, meaning you can enjoy a hassle free day.

Your cheaper driveway parking space also ensures the safety of your car in a way the public car park simply can’t. Parking in a driveway means your vehicle is less likely to be stolen and it is also out of danger from the potential risk of bangs and scrapes from other vehicles that may occur in a public car park or when street parking. Sign up for a free account today on and start enjoying the benefits of driveway parking.

Whether you’re looking to avoid the hassle of city centre parking, or want a secure place to park your car on your next day trip, the advantages are clear – isn’t it time you considered driveway parking for your next journey?

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