The Weirdest Optional Extras

The Weirdest Optional Extras


If your new car is a factory order then there’s every chance you’d like to put your own stamp on it. A factory order gives you the chance to play with the colour, trim, interior styling and an options list as long as your arm.

If you’re buying a new car, chances are, you won’t be ecstatic with the standard inclusions; don’t get us wrong, some new cars are really well equipped as standard but it’s the fact that buying standard means it’ll be the same as everyone else’s.

So, while you’re trawling through the options list, trying to figure out whether to go for a built-in navigation system or metallic paint, take a second to check out this list of the strangest accessories and optional extras available:

Drinks cabinet

a7cb15a4c4fc2f5cdb04a4f6669b176aIn 2009 Holland & Holland added a further touch of class – if that’s even possible – to an Overfinch Range Rover by adding a drinks cabinet to the boot. This wasn’t any old drinks cabinet though, this exquisite cabinetry featured crystal glassware, and “self-replenishing” single malt whiskey, fine gin and other desired adult beverages. Don’t worry though, there’s no hocus pocus going on here, “self-replenishing” merely refers to the fact that during the first twelve months of ownership, you don’t need to worry about running short of your favourite tipple because your stocks will be refilled automatically.

Wheel centres

“Why, just why?” is a perfectly acceptable question on this one, but if you’re the person who has everything – including a Bentley – then this could be just the accessory for you. They remain completely level at speeds of 70mph and come in a lovely presentation box. This isn’t just a Bentley offering, it’s a Rolls accessory too, so if driving in style is your thing, you’re in luck!

Coffee machine

This one might be strange but some might see it as surprisingly practical. For those of you who can’t be without a strong cup of Joe on your morning commute, then the Fiat 500L has just become the car of your dreams.

This is not just a car, it’s a car that essentially comes with your own barista because perched between your two front seats is your very own Lavazza coffee machine. Fair enough, you need to pour it yourself, but come on, it doesn’t get much better does it.

The cost of extras

Optional extras and accessories always sound brilliant but quite often they can bump up the price of a new car by quite a lot. There are ways to ensure you get the car of your dreams for an affordable price though. Car leasing for example, is a really simple and affordable way to get yourself a brand new car. You get to choose the colour, trim and extras you want but because you’re only paying the depreciation on the car, the monthly payments are much cheaper – it’s a win, win situation really.