Top 5 Causes of Road Accidents

Top 5 Causes of Road Accidents

Slightly Wreckless driving!

Road accidents have many different causes, from drunk drivers with poor reactions to overtaking on unsafe stretches of road. Whilst some accident causes seem obvious, others can be quite surprising.

The Distracted Driver is a major cause of road accidents in the UK today. Taking your attention from the road, even for a fraction of a second, is extremely dangerous and is fast becoming the number one cause of accidents involving vehicles. Drivers may be reading a map, unwrapping a sandwich, applying make up or texting on their mobile phone. Despite the penalties incurred if you are caught using your phone in your car, many drivers continue to do so, putting themselves and other drivers at risk. Texting in particular is a major cause of accidents as the driver’s attention is diverted for a longer period of time.

Speeding is another top cause of accidents in the UK. Many drivers simply ignore the speed limits that are put in place to save lives. In residential areas, speeding drivers might hit pedestrians crossing the road. It is common for drivers to slow down for speed cameras, then speed up again. On motorways, speed kills because the faster you drive, the slower your reaction time is. If you need to brake suddenly but are travelling well over the speed limit, you are likely to have a serious accident.

Drink Driving is a serious cause of many road accidents in the UK. Whether it be teenagers on a night out or a business executive returning from a social lunch, drink driving puts you in danger as well as those around you.

This is because when you drink you cannot function as you normally would; your reaction times and decision making is severely compromised and you should not be driving in this situation. Organise a designated driver and stick to this arrangement if you know you are going to be drinking.

Slightly Wreckless driving!

Reckless Driving is another cause of accidents on the UK’s roads. It might be caused by a driver in a hurry to reach a destination, or teenagers who do not have the experience and do not take care on the roads. Reckless drivers are drivers who change lanes erratically, overtake in dangerous situations or drive too closely to the car in front of them. These drivers may also be aggressive and you should steer clear of them on the roads.

The Weather can cause unnecessary accidents on the roads if proper care is not taken in dangerous driving conditions. Rain in particular creates slippery surfaces and affects the stopping distance of a car. Rain can affect all types of vehicles. If you brake too severely in wet weather, your car may spin or skid and cause an accident.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you should find yourself or someone else involved in a car accident it is always helpful to know what to do. The Highway Code has lots of helpful information, including First aid on the road. Other sites such as claims4free can help with information regarding any resulting injury claims.

Drivers should also take extra care in snowy conditions on the UK’s roads, when surfaces become hazardous and black ice may be hiding beneath snow. Snow can cause serious accidents for cars travelling too fast for the road conditions.