Top 5 Green Cars

Top 5 Green Cars

Vauxhall Ampera

1. Vauxhall Ampera – 235.4 mpg.

Vauxhall Ampera

The Vauxhall Ampera is a splendid car. Not only does it look great but it’s the most economical car you can buy in Britain. Why? Because of its ingenious system; the on-board electric motor provides a 25 – 30 mile range before a 1.4-litre petrol generator kicks in to provide another 200+ mile all electric range. The result of this technology is a car that will return an admirable 235.4mpg on a combined cycle.

If you are interested in this car then you should also look out for the Chevrolet Volt, which is essentially the same car only re-badged for Chevrolet.

2. Toyota Prius Plug-in – 134.5 mpg.

Motoring journalists love to laugh at the so called boring, emotionless Toyota Prius. The truth is that yes, it does not offer an enthralling drive, but the latest version – which has extra batteries than can be charged through a plug-in connector – offers an all electric range of 15 miles before the petrol engine fires up. It’s not as good as the Ampera, but the new Prius plug-in is the best Prius to date.

3. Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma is a stunning car that looks a little out of place among this list. For sure, it’s a lot faster than any of the other cars mentioned here today, but surprisingly, it’s also almost as economical. The Karma has a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine as a generator and a big lithium-ion battery. 0 – 62 mph takes only 6.3 seconds and you will get a combined fuel economy of 62.4 mpg. Not bad for a car that looks it’d take down a Lamborghini.

4. Renault Megane 1.5 dCi 110 Stop and Start – 80.7 mpg.

The Renault Megane is a rock solid car for families; it’s practical, it’s fun to drive, it doesn’t cost much to buy and if you purchase the 1.5 dCi 110 Stop and Start, it doesn’t cost much to run either. A 1.5-litre diesel engine powers this car which, combined with stop and start technology, allows the car to dip below the 90g/km mark and deliver 80.7 mpg on a combined cycle.

5. Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion – 80.7 mpg.

The Volkswagen Polo is the best super mini on the market; that is, so long as your top priority in a super mini is luxury and residuals. The Polo Bluemotion with its 1.2-litre TDI engine will return the same combined economy as the Renault above at 80.7 mpg on a combined cycle. That’s very good indeed. Also, because of the Polo’s light weight, it isn’t as slow as you might think.

Other economical cars include the Kia Cee’d 1.6 CRDi 126 ISG which returns 76.3 mpg, Ford KA 1.3-litre TDCi which returns 68.9 mpg, the Mercedes A 180 CDI BlueEfficiency which returns 74.3 mpg and the surprisingly good to drive Skoda Citigo, which returns a combined cycle of 68.9 mpg.

Note: all quoted economy figures are manufacturer guidelines. Real world results will vary.